They’re giant, round, fuzzy, stuffed animals. Hug them.™

Recess is proud to announce the arrival of the Squishables!

We’re also proud to say we are one of only two places in Ohio allowed to carry the fun, giant, fuzzy and round stuffed animals. You just HAVE to hug them, REALLY you do.

Here’s just a sample of some the Squishables we carry…

Squishable Panda

a Panda! Is anything more nifty? I think not! But why are they so darn awesome? It’s not their diet, which seems designed to ensure starvation. It’s definitely not their mating behavior, which can best be described as “accidental”.

Oh yes, it’s because Pandas are freakishly adorable! Look at this mottled snowball of fuzz. Look at it! Now just try to look away. I dare you. See?

15 squishy inches of bamboo-eater! All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only![divider_flat]


It’s a cellphone operating system! It’s a small adorable robot thing! It’s both! Even iPhone owners have to admit that Android has an awesome mascot. I mean, who wouldn’t want a little green guy representing their favorite mode of communication? Just don’t try downloading a fancy app onto him ’cause it ain’t gonna work.

We’re using the ‘Android’ character under the terms of the Creative Commons License: that means our version isn’t associated with Google Inc., but we here at Squishable love Android so much we felt compelled to make a Squishy tribute! Incidentally, you might have seen one of these on stage at the 2010 Google I/O Conference! Thanks for making great stuff, Google, and keep up the good work!

15 inches of fuzzy green cell phone symbol, ages 3 and up, all new material.[divider_flat]

Squishable Owl

Goodness are owls scary. Fearsome terrors of the night, they strike with vicious precision at all things squeeky and crunchy in a wave of silent death…. I’m not convincing anyone, am I.

Alright, fact is, yes, owls are extremely efficient hunters, but who cares when they’re so gosh darn cute! Who wouldn’t gladly sacrifice the occasional mouse for those huge eyes, those fluffy feathers, that permanently surprised expression that asks, “Who me? what mouse? It was like that when I got here. Incidentally pass the ketchup.”

15 squishy inches of innocent bird, polyester fiber, ages 3 and up!