Saddle up, Partner!

Welcome to Gomorra. A bustling settlement in the Weird West. Rebuilding after a cataclysmic event, the citizens of the town struggle to remake their lives. But of course, powers always come into play. Various factions fight for control of the town, sometimes behind the scenes, sometimes right out in the streets. It’s not a common day that lead does not fly.

Soon it will be time for you to choose your allegiance. Will you join the noble Law Dogs, set to preserve law and justice in the town? Or will you find yourself falling in with The Sloane Gang, and taking what you want regardless of who it costs? Perhaps you have an eye for progress… and cash, well the Morgan Cattle Company is always looking to hire driven individuals. Lastly, maybe you have something to run away from, something in your past that simply won’t let go, there’s always the Fourth Ring and its circus you can run off to. They’re always taking in lost souls…

Doomtown is a game with a story.

Doomtown is an Expandable Card Game (ECG).

What does that mean? It means that all products will be released with fixed cards. There is no randomness in the cards that you get when you buy a given product. No cards are collectible. We may do some alternate format for cards in some way, but there will be no functionally different cards that cannot be bought through the basic product. The game, and your options, will expand with each release.

The model we will be adopting will be to start releasing small “Saddlebags” a few months after the base set. These will be interspersed with periodic larger releases. The Saddlebags will release at approximately two per quarter (unless there is a bigger release scheduled). The first three Saddlebags will contain a play set of four copies of each card, and there will 21 cards per Saddlebag.

With each expansion the story will develop, and from time to time the players will get the chance to play in big tournaments that actually affect the way that story unfolds. We will be talking more about that, as we get closer to release.

In addition to the big story tournaments we will be revealing our plans for how to organise a range of events through local stores, and build your local Doomtown community.

So grab your hat, saddle your horse, and load your gun. You have a town to claim.